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  • Associate of Science in Digital Media, June 2000-November 2001 Full Sail Real World Education, Winter Park, FL
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Art & Design, 2014, Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL


  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Fontographer
  • Web/Interactive: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, HTML, Lingo
  • Video: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut
  • Audio: Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Garage Band
  • Office: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages


  • Video Production Instructor, July 2013–Present, Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL.
    (Job Description: preparing and lecturing students on Pre-Production, Video Production, and Post Production. Helping students with inspiration and use of editing software, audio software, and motion graphics software.)
  • Art History & History of Visual Communications Instructor, January 2006–July 2013 Full Sail university, Winter Park, FL.
    (Job Description: Preparing and lecturing students on Design & Art History. Helping students with inspiration and use of software. Orchestrating student art gallery)
  • Art Director, April 2008–May 2014, Odin’s Den, Winter Park, FL
    (Job Description: Branding, Logo Design, Marketing, Menu Design, T-shirt designs, Flyer Design)
  • Assistant Web Art Director/Graphic Designer, May 2001-Present, Brushstroke Studios, Mt. Dora, FL.
    (Job Description: Photoshop Prep, Website Design & Maintenance, Flash Animation, Logo Design)
  • Full Time Freelance Motion Graphics Designer, April 2003-July 2003, World Publications Winter Park, FL.
    (Job Description: Animating Intros and Locater Maps in After Effects, Photoshop Prep, Illustration)


  • Store Manager, September 1998-2004, Hot Topic, Merrit Island, FL.
    (Job Description: Customer Service, Scheduling, Returns/Exchanges, Deposits, Balancing Cash Drawer, Creating Displays of Merchandise, Orchestrating Sales Associates on Floor, Communicating with analyst and buyers.)


  • Big Bruno’s Bites, June 2012 (Branding, Logo, Marketing & T-shirt Design)
  • Electric Needle Hut, February 2013 (Branding, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Marketing, T-shirt Design, Web Design & Window Decal Design)
  • Lo-Pan’s Late Night, March 20013 (Branding, Logo & Marketing)
  • KRS Building Maintenance, April 2013 (Logo Design, Business Card Design, Proposal Design & Branding)
  • Space Brain, May 2013 (Logo Design)
  • Juggernaut Metal Night BackBooth, June 2013 (Flyer Designs & Font Creation)
  • Vegan Hot Dog Cart, August 2013 (Logo Design)
  • Tattoos by Clayton Girst, December 2013 (Web Design, Marketing, Branding, Business Card Design & Logo Design)
  • Carley Milleson, January 2014 (Logo Design & Business Card Design)
  • Beauty a-gogo, May 2014 (Logo Design & Business Card Design)